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Anna Miller Museum P.O. Box 698 Newcastle WY, 82701-069

Phone Number: 307-746-4188

If you want a taste of history when you are in the Newcastle area in Wyoming, then you should definitely visit the Anna Miller Museum. The place was previously a WPA project for the 1st Company, 115th Cavalry of the Wyoming National Guard built in the late 1930s and then developed into a historical museum of the place. It also has several interesting buildings like the schoolhouse, The Jenney Stockade Cabin, and a country store. The museum exhibits the highlights of the pioneering era of Wyoming, Native American culture and even prehistoric history. There are artifacts from the Old Cambria Coal Camp where coal was discovered during 1887 and there are even fossils from dinosaurs like the Pachycephalosaurus and sections from a T-Rex.

Museum Hours:
9:00am-5:00pm Mondays to Fridays
Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

The museum is faithful to the Old West and traditional American theme so you’ll really feel that you’ve gone back in time. You can even see the vintage quality of the building itself which is built on hand-made sandstone blocks that were taken from the nearby Salt Creek. If you want to know more about getting there and information about the area then you can head online and look for the Anna Miller Museum website. They also have free admission so there’s no hassle of paying anything upfront for a visit.

Anna Miller Museum Coupons
Anna Miller Museum Coupons
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