Bar Harbor Whale Museum Coupons


Bar Harbor Whale Museum 52 West Street Bar Harbor, ME 04609

Phone: 207-288-0288

Whales are one of the numerous kinds of mammals that should be taken care of. Even you can extend your passion for this advocate by learning more about whales and the Gulf of Maine. The Bar Harbor Whale Museum can give you a lot of inspiration that will create a deep passion for caring whales. This museum showcases artifacts that depicts Gulf of Maine and the hundreds of lives dwelling in it. Surely after visiting this museum, you will have a deeper understanding about sea mammals and their importance. Already planning a tour here? The information provided below can help you in planning out your trip:

Museum Hours:
June: 10AM – 8PM / July and August: 9AM – 9PM September and October: 10AM – 8PM

Because this museum does not go for huge earnings or commercial exposure, you can visit the Bar Harbor Whale Museum anytime for FREE! Although the tour spot generously displays every exhibition without any charge, it would be great to show your compassion for the museum by donating any amount of money. Remember, even the smallest good deed is returned tenfold so don’t hesitate to help. Keep on tracking updates about Bar Harbor Whale Museum by checking out this website as often as you can.

Bar Harbor Whale Museum Coupons
Bar Harbor Whale Museum Coupons
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