Battle River Pioneer Museum Coupons

Alberta, Canada is home to an array of museums that offers locals and tourists unique experiences designed to educate and entertain them. It is here in the quaint town of Manning lies the Battle River Pioneer Museum, a unique museum that provides its visitors a unique viewing experience unlike any other.

Unlike typical museums, the museum is composed of collection of buildings which include the main building, post office, machine sheds, a cabin and a blacksmith shop. Each building segment is designed to provide visitors a look at life in the past while celebrating the comforts of modern world.

In the museum, visitors can see an array of artifacts including period clothings, antique dairy items and furnitures. It also features a variety of farm equipments and machinery as well as horse-drawn carriages. Visitors are also treated to several artifacts like lamps, buggies, and many more. Aside from that, it displays tree and animal specimens such as birds, wolf,etc.

The museum’s most popular display is the 1500-year old arrow head, two-headed calf and the rare Albino moose. In addition to its unique display collection, Battle River Pioneer Museum holds annual events during Heritage Weekend. This includes pancake breakfast, church services and live demonstration of farm machineries. During this time, visitors can see how machines like tractors, flour mill, baler, log plane, and many others work.

This museum is open to public and only requires a donation. However, it has different operating hours depending on the current month. Visitors are advised to call the museum for inquiries. Overall, Battle River Pioneer Museum offers visitors a unique and educational visiting experience by immersing them with old-world artifacts and modern activities. Plus, located only 1km east of the town on Secondary Highway No. 691, it’s very accessible making it perfect for quick adventures around town.

Battle River Pioneer Museum Coupons
Battle River Pioneer Museum Coupons
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