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The British Museum: An Information and Arts Hub

A typical museum, primarily due to time, interest and curatorial constraints, would usually center on only one or two unifying themes. These themes would then be sourced out from the museum’s collection and resources. This then means that that typical museum would only have minimal exhibits a year, with the possibility of show repetitions or rehashes (if it has to avoid having a permanent exhibit).

Now, the British Museum isn’t your typical museum. It isn’t that museum constrained to one or two themes and/or shows a year. It isn’t even a museum limited on having to sustain on permanent exhibitions. It’s a historical hub – with its extensive and culturally comprehensive collection of works – that lets its art storage create its themes.

Founded in the year 1753 by the physician Sir Hans Sloane, with the intention of creating a museum that will (and did!) universally contain a collection of antiquities and curiosities, the British Museum surprisingly grew in size (museum structure and collection size) in a fast

British Museum Coupons
British Museum Coupons
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