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Eagle Historical Society 217 Main Street Eagle, WI 53119

Phone: 262-594-8961

Are you in the Eagle Alaska area? Visiting friends or relatives in a short period of time? If you want to get something out of the ordinary and learn more about the history and culture of the area, you should take time to visit the Eagle Historical Society Museum. Aside from taking a scenic journey and marvel at the outdoor sights the Eagle area has to offer, you can no learn more about the place in detail when you visit the museum. The museum is located on the Yukon River four air miles from Canada’s border. It was initially established during the 1897 Klondike Goldrush. The exhibits and displays provides visitors with the nostalgic atmosphere of the old days of industrial and economic growth in the Yukon area.

Take a look at old photographs, archives, and various museum collections that fill six large historic buildings. See well-maintained exhibits that have old items and artifacts still in place like: Courthouse which was built in 1901 by Judge James Wickersham, the Customs House that was originally built by the army in 1900 as a non-commissioned officers residence, and even the Mule Barn which is a stall barn with huge hayloft above, built in 1900 to house the army horses and mules.

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You don’t have to worry about spending extra here in the Eagle Historical Society Museum. The place provides free admission so that everyone can enjoy their visit here. And if you want to sigh up for membership, you can also take a look at additional details on their main website.

Eagle Historical Society Museum Coupons
Eagle Historical Society Museum Coupons
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