Eastern California Museum Coupons


Eastern California Museum 155 N. Grant Street Independence, CA 9352

Phone Number: 760-878-0364

History is one of the topics that’s hard to delve especially when you don’t have tangible evidences like artifacts and relics from the past. If you are curious about Native American traditions and cultures, the Eastern California Museum is one of the best tour spots that you can visit in California. You will also see remains of Indian culture and other historical petroglyphs. Go ahead and visit this museum and you might want to tako note of these exhibits:

The Norman Clyde Exhibit Spotlights (The Pack with Legs)
Baskets and Native American Life
Over 20,000 Photos of Eastern Sierra
Owens Valley “Water Wars”
Mary Austin, 20th Century Author
Manzanar World War II Internment Center
Museum Bookstore

The Eastern California Museum is open seven days a week from 10:00 AM through 5:00 PM. If you ‘re thinking about the money that you have to spend, you don’t have to worry because you can visit this for FREE! On the other hand, you can express your gratitude by donating any amount to help the museum maintain its beauty.

Dial the phone number posted on this page for your unanswered questions. If you want to get future updates about Eastern California Museum in the near future, just visit this website often.

Eastern California Museum Coupons
Eastern California Museum Coupons
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