Ernest Hemingway Museum Key West Florida Tickets


Ernest Hemingway Museum 907 Whitehead Street, Key West, FL‎

Phone Number: (305) 294-1136

The Ernest Hemingway Museum Key West Florida is officially called as the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum. This is because it was once the original home of one of the most honored and respected authors in America, Ernest Hemingway. But it wasn’t until November 24, 1968 when it was given a designation as a US National Historic Landmark.

For over 10 years of his life, the famous author was able to live in what is now a museum. Aside from residing in this place, Hemingway was able to write some of his famous works in it. This is because the famed author was able to find solace in the turquoise waters which surrounded the tiny island of Key West, Florida.

Visitors are able to step back in time as they walk through the halls of the museum. They are able to take a glimpse at the things that used to inspire the great mind of the famed author as he walked around his home, rushing off to write the next big idea.

Aside from being a museum, it is now also a dwelling place for the sixty plus cats that live in the area. The reason for the significance of these cats in this museum is because Ernest Hemingway was once given a polydactyl cat, a cat having six toes. About half of the cats that live in the author’s home are also polydactyl cats and are most likely descendants of the author’s original pet.

Tour rates for the museum cost $12 for adults and $6 for children (above 5 years old). But Ernest Hemingway Museum Key West Florida discount coupon holders can still avail of additional rate deductions. The museum is open from 9am to 5pm, 365 days every year

Ernest Hemingway Museum Key West Florida Tickets
Ernest Hemingway Museum Key West Florida Tickets
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