Hammond Castle Museum Coupons


Hammond Castle Museum 80 Hesperus Avenue Gloucester, MA 01

Phone: 978-283-2080

Still can’t think of a place to have your family day? Theme parks and beaches are over-rated and you will surely want a place that’s cheaper, worthwhile of your visit and entertaining, right? Why not try a different kind of tour spot like visiting the Hammond Castle Museum? Your kids will surely be in awe they enter an old castle that’s built hundreds of years ago. You can even enjoy self-guided tour around this castle and see some of the features like the Renaissance dining room, the War room, the library, kitchens, tower galleries, indoor courtyard and Natalie Hays Hammond exhibit room. These are just few of the things that you see inside the tour spot, find out more by visiting Hammond Castle Museum.

Please be informed that the museum is closed on the second quarter of the year and it usually opens on May. Although this building is hundreds of years old, it is not handicapped accessible so please bear with the inconvenience. If you are planning to visit this museum in a large group, you may contact the museum’s tour personnel. Also remember that any kind of photography is prohibited unless a fee is paid. Visit this website for more details about Hammond Castle Museum in the near future. What are you waiting for? Book your tour here as soon as you can!

Hammond Castle Museum Coupons
Hammond Castle Museum Coupons
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