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Harrisonburg Children's Museum Explore More Discovery Museum P.O. Box 957 Harrisonbug VA, 22803

Phone: 540-442-8900

One thing that kids have in common is the love for having fun. You won’t find any kid during afternoon just lazing around, you’re sure to find them having fun with their friends, discovering new places and finding creative ways to satisfy their curiosity about the things around them. If you’re looking for the best place to take your kid to, then you should bring them to the Harrisonburg Children’s Museum. There are a lot of exhibits and interactive play areas that will surely let them have fun and learn at the same time. Some of the exhibits are the Art Smart Mini Art Center where they can paint with non-chemical and kid-friendly materials, let them climb the discovery tree where a tree house is perched on top of a 22-ft cultural masterpiece. There’s also the science lab that contains a lot of tools.

Museum Hours:
9:30am-5:00pm Tuesdays to Saturdays

Museum Admission:
Adult – $5.00
Youth/Children – $5.00
Senior – $5.00

Membership rates:
Family Membership – $85.00 per year
Grandparent Membership -$60.00 per year
Reciprocal Membership- $100.00 per year

Are you interested in telling the school where your kids are going to visit the place? There are various school trips and educational tours that you can engage in. Just remember to get a nice schedule or reservation and you’re good to go. Visit the museum’s online page for more information.

Harrisonburg Children’s Museum Coupons
Harrisonburg Children’s Museum Coupons
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