International Civil Rights Center and Museum Coupons


International Civil Rights Center and Museum 134 South Elm Street Greensboro, NC 27401

Phone: (336) 274-9199

Museum. This museum focuses more in collecting every tangible evidence that proves how A&T State College students, along with thousands of youth fought for the right side during the region’s darkest of times. It’s a place that houses the fruits of bravery and compassion. For your future reference, here are some of the permanent exhibits in the museum: All Men Are Created Equal,The Hall of Shame, A Moment that Changed America, The Lunch Counter Experience, The Portal, Access Denied: The Battle for Equality Opportunity, I’ll Make Me a World, The Church and the Movement, The Schools: Separate and Unequal, Politics and the Voting Booth, Courts and the Quest for Justice and much more! These exhibits might not be that striking for you but when you get to see these up-close, you will definitely have a 180-degree turn of impression. Just in case you decide to drop by this museum, it’s better that you’re ready and have these details with you:

Museum Hours:
April – September:
Tuesday through Thursday, 9AM – 6PM
Friday & Saturday: 9AM – 7PM
Sunday: 1PM – 6PM
October – March:
Tuesday through Saturday: 10AM – 6PM
Sunday: 1PM – 5PM

Contact the tour spot’s administrative office if you have further questions about admission rates. For group tours, please be reminded that a certain group of 25 paying members or more can be qualified to a special rate of a dollar. You have to make a reservation before the visit and pay in a single payment through check. Also have in mind that there are no in-house restaurants or picnic areas in the museum. International Civil Rights Center and Museum’s staff, however, can recommend a good place to dine in that’s just a short walk away from the tour spot. Visit their site once in a while and check for updates.

International Civil Rights Center and Museum Coupons
International Civil Rights Center and Museum Coupons
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