Julaine Farrow Museum Coupons


Jullaine Farrow Museum PO Box 9 1300 South Drive Winnebago, WI 5498

Phone Number: 920-235-4910

When you’re in the Winnebago area and are looking for a place to kill some time and learn about the place’s history, you can visit the Julaine Farrow Museum. This museum was dedicated to Mrs. Julaine Farrow who was a Nurse at the Winnebago Health Institute. She was a devoted nurse and was fully committed to the patients she served. The museum was fully inducted into the Wisconsin Historical Society in 1973. The place was home to the hospital superintendents during that era and has grown to 10 rooms in the passage of time. The museum houses hospital memorabilia and old item and there are even oddities like a case of items swallowed by patients. You will see long time treatment clothes like straitjackets, and medical devices like an electro shock apparatus. The museum also houses an old pharmacy and doctor’s office. You can also see the different kinds of herbs and ingredients used in making medicinal remedies in the absence of modern medicine.

Museum Hours:
February 26 to October 28 1:00pm-3:30pm

The museum is open to the medical staff in the area as well as the general public. If you want to discover more about the museum like guided tours and special exhibitions and policies, you can visit the main website and take a look at the information from the links provided.

Julaine Farrow Museum Coupons
Julaine Farrow Museum Coupons
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