Mazomanie Historical Society Museum Coupons


Mazomanie Historical Society P.O. Box 248 Mazomanie, WI, 53

Phone Number: 608-795-2992

The Mazomanie Historical Society serves as a cultural and educational institution that helps preserve historical arts significance of the Village of Mazomanie and the surrounding area. The society was organized during 1966 and has over 100 members that help research and document artifact discovery for educational purposes. The museum doubles as a research center and a museum with publications, development of historical presentations, and genealogical study as its main directives. Several citations and research works have been made thanks to the individuals in the museum namely: Black Earth Creek and Mazomanie, The Mazomanie Brewery, Mazomanie Downtown Historic District, The Naming of Mazomanie, and The Naming of Mazomanie.

Museum Hours:
1:00pm-4:00pm Mondays to Sundays

Membership Rates:
$6.00 Individual, annual
$10.00 Family, annual
$25.00 Annual Business and Professional, annual
$100.00 Individual Life
$175.00 Life membership for two

If you need any immediate research references and would want to contribute to the Mazomanie Historical Society, you can get in touch with the personnel there. They keep an open-line to educators, researchers, professors, and even people in the academe who want to help out. For more information just visit their main website if you need additional details. Admission is totally free in the museum so you shouldn’t worry about anything.

Mazomanie Historical Society Museum Coupons
Mazomanie Historical Society Museum Coupons
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