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Missoula Art Museum 335 North Pattee Missoula, MT 59

Phone Number: 406-728-0447

Art is a creation made out of passion and free expression. Most of these works o f art were made out of an artist’s talent and skills. If you want to see some of the works of talented artists of this generation, you can visit the Missoula Art Museum. This tour spot serves the public through the mind-challenging works. Upon seeing the exhibits and displays, you will definitely feel that every object in this museum tells a deep story about art. Even better, the exhibits here are changing year after year so you won’t have to get bored viewing the same displays over and over again. Here are some exhibits that can be of great interest for you: Cathryn Mallory: Levitate/Gravitate (Present – May 29, 2011), Andy Smetanka: City in Shadows (Present – May 22, 2011), MAM Collections: Jill Brody and Lucy Capehart (Present – April 24, 2011), MAM Collections: Video Artists Holly Andres and Grace Carter and Gerd Aurell (Present – June 26, 2011). Also jot down these details:

Museum Hours:
Wednesday through Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Weekends: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

If you are worried about getting your wallet emptied because of the expenses like admission prices, fear not because this museum is generous enough to give visitors a FREE admission. Now you can visit this tour spot anytime you want! Although you can always enjoy a free visit, it would be advisable to donate any amount of money to this institution. Your small help will greatly support the museum’s finances in many ways. Feel free to visit our site anytime for more details about Missoula Art Museum.

Missoula Art Museum Coupons
Missoula Art Museum Coupons
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