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Mutter Museum Philadelphia, PA 19103-309

Phone Number: 215-563-3737

Are you a fan of medical science? Do you want to look at comprehensive medical discoveries and oddities? When you are in Philadelphia you should visit the Mutter Museum. There are over a hundred collections that contain health and medical displays inside the museum. Here you will find items like medical equipment, wax models, pathological specimens, anatomical displays, and even certain oddities in the human body! One of the highlights of the museum are the Hyrtl Skull Collection, the tallest skeleton currently on display in North America. There are also other features like a nine-foot-long human colon that with over 40 pounds of fecal matter, and even numerous preserved body parts. Each display has informative data shown so that you will know the circumstances on how that exhibit came to be.

Museum Hours:
9:00am-5:00pm Mondays to Fridays

Admission Rates:
General Admission (Ages 18-64): $14
Children (Ages 6-17): $10
Senior Citizens (Age 65+): $10
Students with valid ID: $10
Military with valid ID: $10
Fellows of the College: FREE
Children under 6: FREE

The museum has also an archived library that can prove useful for scholarly research or curious discovery. If you want to know the latest literature and projects in the Mutter Museum, you can head towards their main website for details. Even if you’re not interested in medicine and the sciences concerning the human body, you can now get information here in the museum.

Mutter Museum Coupons
Mutter Museum Coupons
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