Norris Geyser Basin Museum Coupons


Norris Geyser Basin Museum P.O. Box 168 Mammoth WY, 82190-016

Phone number: 307-344-7381

Another one of the museum highlights inside the Yellowstone National Park is the Norris Geyser Basin Museum. This place is located 1/4 mile east of Norris Junction just off the Grand Loop Road. The tour spot has a distinctive stone and log architecture that became a prototype for par buildings is the area. The museum houses exhibits presenting information about the geothermal features in the Porcelain Basin and Back Basin. Its exhibits also depict the development of the park ranger profession from its roots in the military to early rangers and to the present National Park Staff. There is also a 25 minute laser disc presentation “An American Legacy” detailing the development of the National Park Service.

Park Opening Schedule:
Open Daily 365 days a year
Road Closing after Snow Travel Ends:
March 1- East Entrance to Lake Butte (Sylvan Pass.)
March 6- Mammoth to Norris closes at 9 pm
March 8 – Norris Junction to Madison Junction and Norris Junction to Canyon closes at 9 pm
March 13 – Canyon to Fishing Bridge closes at 9 pm
March 15 – All other groomed roads in the park are closed

Park Fees:
– Entrance Fee for a private, noncommercial vehicle – $25
– Snowmobile or motorcycle each – $20
– Visitor 16 and older entering by bike, foot, ski, etc – $12

There are a lot of stuff about the Norris Geyser Basin Museum like nearby landmarks and historical sites. Just don’t forget to visit this website or the museum’s online page and take a look at any updates like outdoor activities and family programs that you can immerse in when you get to the tour spot.

Norris Geyser Basin Museum Coupons
Norris Geyser Basin Museum Coupons
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