Planes of Fame Air Museum Tickets


Planes of Fame Air Museum 755 Mustang Way Williams, AZ 86046

Phone Number: (909) 597-3722

If you are a fan of airplanes in all models, sizes and makes, the Planes of Fame Air Museum is a sure place you need to visit. This is because this museum contains one of the largest collections of planes throughout the world.

The museum first started in Claremont, California in 1957 with Edward T. Maloney’s initial collection of 6 aircrafts. As more planes were added into the collection, the museum needed to be moved and thus, the current location in Chino, California and Valle, Arizona was found.

The museum boasts some of its largest collection for Japanese aircraft throughout the world. Included in the collection is the only flying Japanese fighter, Mitsubishi A6M Zero. Along with its original Sakae engine, the specific plane is one of the biggest reasons why a lot of people visit the museum. Aside from this plane, there are also a number of surviving aircrafts that can be found in the museum. This include the FICON Project’s RF-84K and Northrop N9MB Flying Wing.

Currently, the museum has 150 aircrafts. But only 30 from this number are flyable. The others are under restoration. A visit to the museum costs $8.00 for adults. There are various rates for students depending on the age of the student. Visitors are encouraged to bring their Planes of Fame Air Museum discount coupon so they can avail of a discount on their purchase.

Planes of Fame Air Museum Tickets
Planes of Fame Air Museum Tickets
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