Racine Heritage Museum Coupons

Racine has a history that’s rich in culture and interesting innovations. If you are visiting the area and are looking for a place that let’s you know more about the area, then visit the Racine Heritage Museum. There’s an exhibit area that’s dedicated to Frank Lloyed Wright. He was a well-known architect that provided a venue for innovation in the realm of architecture that influenced builders and architects all throughout the country. If it’s maritime history you’re looking for then there’s a dedicated exhibit to the Maritime Past. In there you will find Racine’s boat-building heritage and know how the commercial ports thrived in the past decades. Check out Malty the Mummy where a life size mummy was brought in during 1902 and has been a unique oddity during the years.

Museum Hours:
9:00am-5:00pm Tuesdays to Fridays
10:00am-3:00pm Saturdays
12NN-4:00pm Sundays

The other places that you should visit involve the Artifact Activity Tour. Each visitor will be brought to the exhibits like the Factory of the World and Racine Country’s Spirit of innovation. The exhibits showcase a variety of artifacts and items that each visitor must identify using all innovative tools presented, it’s like an interactive “guess what” game. The Racine Heritage Museum also prides itself in being a not for profit organization so there is no charge for the admission. You will truly enjoy your stay in this museum and that’s guaranteed!

Racine Heritage Museum Coupons
Racine Heritage Museum Coupons
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