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Sioux City Museum 2901 Jackson Street Sioux City, IA 5110

Phone Number: 712-279-6174

Sioux City Museum is your link to the past especially if you’re conducting a research about Iowa’s local history. This newly renovated public museum has a lot to boast of in terms of portraying Sioux’s large scale of cultural treasures and works of arts. There are sculptures, paintings, relics and artifacts that were perfectly preserved since hundreds of years. Even better, there are educational programs offered to impart new knowledge to visitors who are willing to learn. Some of the past exhibits that gathered a lot of visitors were: Sioux City History Porjects, A Patchwork of Quilts, Out of the Attic: Recent Artifact Donations and Nature’s Kaleidoscope: Treasures from Earth and Beyond. It’s good to be ready, so just in case you visit this museum, at least you have these details ready:

Museum Hours:
Tuesday through Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

One of the facts that you will certainly love about Sioux City Museum is that the admission is always FREE. You can visit this museum anytime you want to and still leave your wallet untouched of expenses. Also be informed that the museum is only handicapped accessible on the first floor so please bear with the inconvenience. Parking is also free. You can visit this website anytime for upcoming information about Sioux City Museum or you may also check out the museum’s online page.

Sioux City Museum Coupons
Sioux City Museum Coupons
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