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The Bead Museum 5754 West Glenn Drive Glendale, AZ 8530

Phone Number: 623-931-2737

Do you want to see a different kind of tour spot? Then visit The Bead Museum! Usually, museums are full of art pieces, objects and paintings that were preserved from time to time. The moment you walk into this museum, you will sense a different and quite ambiance because either the visitors are too serious to even laugh or the exhibits are boring. Well, in The Bead Museum, you won’t experience yawning while taking a look at the exhibits because this is not your typical museum. The featured objects here are beads!

In this tour spot, you will learn a lot of things about beads. The history, the language of beads, the best sources of beads (e.g. nature) and much more! Do you know what’s even better than this? You can actually buy your own sets of beads and let the creativity spark in you! Want to visit this astounding museum? Here is some of the information that might be of great use to you:

Museum Hours:
Wednesday – Friday: 10AM – 5PM
Saturday: 11AM – 3PM
Sunday, Monday & Tuesday: Closed

Admission Prices:
Child (age 4-12): $2.50
Adult: $5.00
Members: FREE

For more inquiries about The Bead Museum, you may contact the number posted on this page. You can also visit this website often for pitches about the museum in the near future.

The Bead Museum Coupons
The Bead Museum Coupons
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