The London Dungeon Museum Coupons

London Dungeon, one of the most popular tourist destination in London, provides tourists an innovative way to learn of the most gruesome events and darkest times in London’s history. Built in 1974 and operated by Merlin Entertainments, it displays historical events in a “gallows humour” style that depicts almost 1000 years of the city’s darkest times.

This museum features 14 actor-led shows and 3 spine-chilling rides complete with amazing special effects designed to provide a scary yet educational experience for everyone. The shows include The Crypt, The Great Plague of London, Sweeney Todd, Bloody Mary: Killer Queen, and the infamous Jack the Ripper. Each scene/segment is accompanied with either a dramatic narration or video whereas some scenes allow audience participation like in The Torture Chamber.

In addition, London Dungeon features unique rides designed to take this chilling experience to the next level. Boat Ride to Hell offers audience a tour of the dungeon on a boat with some scary surprises along the way. Meanwhile, Extremis: Drop Ride to Doom emulates execution by hanging by dropping the ride 15 feet below while a noose hangs upfront. Since the rides are equipped with cameras, tourists can check out their photos after their scary ride.

Aside from the gory and macabre representation of London’s darkest times, London Dungeon also features other amenities and facilities. This includes a souvenir shop where tourists can purchase an array of items from mugs, T-shirts, toy rats, and even a plastic cut-off ear keyring, and a cafe where they can rest and eat. They can also check-out other places of interests located near the place.

Although London Dungeon isn’t recommended for young kids and those with nervous disposition, the place is almost always jam-packed. Thus, it is recommended to book one’s tour earlier to fully enjoy the dungeon’s facilities. Furthermore, its accessibility makes it an easy choice for those who want to have a scary yet fun-filled adventure.

The London Dungeon Museum Coupons
The London Dungeon Museum Coupons
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