The Nationalmuseet Coupons

To experience Denmark’s rich history, the Nationalmuseet in Copenhagen is one of the best places to visit. Once the Prince’s Palace, which was home to the country’s royal family during the 18th century, it now houses over a thousand artworks and artifacts, making it the largest cultural museum in Denmark.It describes the cultural as well as the sociological background of the country, from the Danish prehistory to the present day Denmark.

The Nationalmuseet highlights rare archaeological treasures which dates back from the Danish Prehistory of the Vikings. One could also look into diverse works of art coming from the Middle Ages which includes everyday tools used by the people during the Medieval period. You could also delve into a wide array of luxury objects from the people coming from the society’s upper class. The Renaissance period is also one of the highlights of the museum wherein you get to explore different instruments that were developed and used during the time. Nationalmuseet allows for a fuller understanding of modern day Denmark through its exhibition of the Danish people’s belongings and seemingly ordinary lives and interweaves them into a unifying story.

Another highlight of the museum is the children’s museum wherein kids ages 12 and above can play while they learn. The exhibition allows them get a first-hand experience of Denmark’s culture by letting them have an interaction with the things that are part of the Museum’s collection.

Aside from that, the museum also presents an ethnographical collection which gives a different appreciation of the Danish culture with respect to other societies and cultures around the world. Most of the object that it contains were gathered during the Danish colonial possession of the world.

The Nationalmuseet Coupons
The Nationalmuseet Coupons
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