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U.S. Army Transportation Museum 300 Washington Blvd. Fort Eustis VA, 23604

Phone Number: 757-878-1115

Are you an army buff? Do you want to know more about the various vehicles that saw service during the pivotal war periods in American history? Now you don’t have to rely on online searches and pictures seen in military books or magazines because you can see those vehicles first hand when you get to visit the U.S. Army Transportation museum! Drop by Fort Eustis in Virginia and you’ll see what I’m talking about! These museum’s core exhibits and displays are mainly focused on the United States Army Transportation Corps. Expect to see more than a hundred vehicles from the Revolutionary War Period to the Afghan War in the late 2000s. You’d be surprised on how much effort and commitment was given to put up this collection of vehicles. There’s the Liberty Truck, Cargo Helicopters from the Korean War, convoy trucks and M113 Armored Personnel Carriers from Desert Storm, the gun truck from Vietnam, HZ-1 Aerocycle and the OH-23 Raven helicopter. Go ahead and visit when you get there. Admission is totally free so you won’t worry about shelling out anything.

Museum Hours:
9:00am-4:30pm Tuesdays to Sundays

Museum Foundation:
If you want to contribute to the sustainability of the museum, then you can also sign up for membership in the museum foundation.

Get to know updates on any new exhibits and lectures in the U.S. Army Transportation Museum by getting to their main website and checking out the schedules and other programs in-stored for you.

U.S. Army Transportation Museum Coupons
U.S. Army Transportation Museum Coupons
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