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World's Smallest Museum 1111 West US Hwy 60 Superior, Arizona 851

Phone Number: (520) 423-7506

When you think about museums, the first thing that you picture in your mind is a huge building with thousands of collections of artifacts in it? Well, if you want a new variation, why not visit the World’s Smallest Museum. This time, you will not look up the towering shelves with a lot of historical objects but you will rather look down on all the exhibited relics of the Museum. Do not miss the opportunity of visiting this tour spot because there are a lot of wonderful things that you will see. Planning to visit this cute place but can’t find the right information you’re looking for? Here are some details that you might like:

  • There’s a roadside attraction that’s only 134 square feet.
  • There are 10 tiny glass-enclosed booths on each side of the building.
  • There is no admission fee so you’re free to visit this museum anytime.
  • You can donate a dollar or two to help the museum maintain its beauty.
  • World’s Smallest Museum is open on Wednesdays to Sundays at 8AM – 1:30PM.

If you are so fond of jewelries, the museum has a large collection of apache accessories that you can buy. Some of the jewelries being sold are silver and gold apache earrings.

If you have any question about the World’s Smallest Museum, you may call the phone number posted on this page.

World’s Smallest Museum Coupons
World’s Smallest Museum Coupons
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