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Albuquerque Museum P.O. Box 7006 Albuquerque, NM 8719

Phone Number: 505-842-0111

If you are interested in knowing more about New Mexico’s history, culture, art and places, you should visit the Albuquerque Museum. Consider this, never take learning for granted especially if there’s a good museum that you can visit. Learn about the famous sculpture garden, take a look at some photos of prominent people, glance at New Mexico’s colorful history – all these are what you can do plus more! For your future reference, here are some of the exhibits that might be interesting to you: (Permanent) Common Ground: Art in New Mexico, Four Centuries: The History of Albuquerque, Sculpture Garden, Casa San Ysidro, (Temporary) The Portrait Tradition: Albuquerque Photographers (June 2011), Recent Acquisitions from the Collection of DRS. Bette K. and John r. Graham (June 2011), Albuquerque’s New Town (April 2011) and Ships on the Line: Albuquerque and the Golden Age of Aviation (June 2011).

If you have questions regarding museum hours, admission prices, donation, membership and upcoming events, feel free to contact Albuquerque Museum’s tour coordinator. You may also visit the tour spot’s main website to get accurate details. Also check out tips and guidelines about this museum through visiting this website every so often. Always remember that knowledge is a priceless gift so do all the means to learn. Visit Albuquerque Museum as soon as you can and have a day full of learning.

Albuquerque Museum Coupons
Albuquerque Museum Coupons
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