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Anne Frank Museum Amsterdam, Netherlands

Relive the story of Anne Frank as you get a tour around the Anne Frank Museum located at the center of Amsterdam at Prinsengracht in Netherlands. Once considered as the hiding place of the Frank Family who tried to escape from the atrocities of the Nazis against the Jews, it is now turned into a museum which exhibits the different personal belongings of the Frank Family including the original diary of Anne Frank. People can now have the opportunity of visualizing the struggles as well as the experiences of Anne Frank and her family during the second World War.

The museum primarily features the different spaces inside the house and the story behind them. It also shows the house’s history through a secret door that was concealed behind a bookcase. One can also explore the dining area and the other small, cramped rooms of the hiding place and get a glimpse of the life of the Frank Family together with the other four families who lived with them.

The Anne Frank museum also features an interactive film exhibition wherein people get to understand the importance of human rights through the promotion of short films that focuses on different human rights issues around the world. Visitors can also answer questions that are posted after the films are shown. Aside from that, the museum presents a diary room which exhibits the famous diary of Anne Frank as well as other articles and manuscripts that she wrote during the war.

The establishment now includes a bookshop and a café while the other parts of the building were restored to their original state as was in the 1940s.

Anne Frank Museum Coupons
Anne Frank Museum Coupons
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