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Cape Ann Historical Museum 27 Pleasant Street Gloucester, MA 01

Phone: 978-283-0455

If you are living in Gloucester and want to have a study about the region’s local history, art and culture, visiting the Cape Ann Historical Museum is most advisable. Kill time, be amused with the mind-challenging exhibits and learn – all these, you get as a package if you drop by Cape Ann Historical Museum. With the wonderful exhibits displayed, you won’t feel an ounce of boredom during your tour here. Even better, you can take your kids here because there are some programs and workshops offered like: Skylight (Fitz Henry Lane), Time to Play (19th Century Toys and Games), Man of Iron (Howard Blackburn), Author Extraordinaire (Virginia Lee Burton), Tools of the Trade (Cape Ann’s Quarrying Industry) and Telling a Painting’s Story (Artists of Cape Ann). For your future visit here, you may take note of these details:

Museum Hours:
Tuesday through Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Worried much about the budget? You don’t have to think about spending a lot or leaving your wallet emptied because the museum offers a FREE admission for all. Although the tour spot is generous enough to provide such free visit, you can still donate any amount of money. Decide now and don’t hold back those few dollars and be a bit more generous. In the long run, that good deed would bring you back a good karma and useful knowledge, right? Get more useful and chunky details about Cape Ann Historical Museum by checking out this site every now and then.

Cape Ann Historical Museum Coupons
Cape Ann Historical Museum Coupons
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