Children’s Museum of Phoenix Tickets


Children’s Museum in Phoenix 215 N 7th St, Phoenix, Arizona 85034

Phone Number: (602) 253-0501

Back in 1998, a small group of volunteers created the Children’s Museum in Phoenix. These volunteers acted on the principle that the key to learning is through fun. As such, by creating a fun arena for kids to learn, they are able to have a better method for learning. This can then lead to children being able to learn more and really understand what they are learning.

Currently, the Children’s Museum in Phoenix holds 70,000 square feet full of various learning exhibits. Among the exhibits included in the museum are 10,000 Blocks, an Art Studio, Book Loft, Desert Den, role playing a trip to the market, Pedal Power, and many more. The most famous, Texture Café, allows kids to become Chefs at a young age. Equipped with a child-sized café, kids can know the structure of the kitchen as well as how these people are preparing food.

There are still a lot of other exhibits that can be found in the museum. With so many fun activities, even adults will find that the museum is engaging. Entry to the museum, however, is only free for members and for kids below 1 year old. Otherwise, admission to the museum costs $9. But with a Children’s Museum in Phoenix discount coupon, visitors will be able to get a lesser amount. The museum is open 9am to 4pm Tuesday until Sunday.

Admission Rates:
Members: Free
Non-Members: $11.00
Seniors 62+: $10.00
Children under the age of 1: Free

Children’s Museum of Phoenix Tickets
Children’s Museum of Phoenix Tickets
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