Dakota Territory Air Museum Coupons


Dakota Territory Air Museum P.O. Box 195 Minot, ND 58702

Phone: (701) 852-8500

It’s amazing how a simple dream can turn into a great reality and even more amazing, more people are getting benefits out of that dream that came true. Just like the Dakota Territory Air Museum, this tour spot was successfully established by the founder for a single reason – to let the people become aware of North Dakota’s rich and historic aviation history. Now it’s a successful establishment that faithfully serves more visitors annually. If you are very keen in delving facts about this aspect, you should definitely drop by this tour spot sooner or later. Just for you to have an idea, the following are some of the features of Dakota Territory Air Museum: DTAM’s Wright Flyer Replica, WWII Flight Gear, 1928 Waco Model CXE and Link Trainer. Even though you’re not quite familiar with some of the displays, the museum can guarantee you a worthy educational tour for less. Here’s the hours guide:

Museum Hours:
May through October:
Monday – Saturday, 10:00AM – 5:00 PM

Please be reminded that there will be a nominal admission fee if you happen to visit Dakota Territory Air Museum. Do you just love events? The museum has a lot of lined up happenings this year. Just visit the museum’s main website and take a look at the calendar of events. Not only will you enjoy by visiting some of these events here but you may also develop a stronger social network through interacting with other visitors. Contact the number on this page or just visit this site once in a while.

Dakota Territory Air Museum Coupons
Dakota Territory Air Museum Coupons
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