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Goldwell Open Air Museum P.O. Box 405 Beatty, NV 89003

Phone Number: (702) 870-9946

Not all people are born with talent in making artistic creations but all people have the ability to appreciate art. If you are this kind of person, then you should visit the Goldwell Open Air Museum that’s located in Beatty, Nevada. This tour spot is exceptional maybe for a reason that this is the only museum that has a 24/7 operating hours. Your mind will surely be perked up and boggled as you see how some of the works of art were created. Take for example, the Ghost Rider which would definitely amuse you. The statue seem to have an invisible man draped with white cloth while holding a bike, but in fact, it’s just s shapen cement! This is just one of the many things that you will surely love about this museum. For your future reference, take a review at these permanent exhibits: Charles Albert Szukaslki’s Ghost Rider, Dr. Hugo Heyrman’s Museum of the Mind, Dre Peters’ Icara 1992, David Spicer’s Chained to the Earth, Fred Bervoets’ Tribute to Shory Harris, Earnes Demetrios’ Rhyolite’s District of Shadows and Sofie Siegmann’s Sit Here 2000. Here’s an additional information:

Museum Schedule:
Daily except Saturdays, 24/7

Don’t have to money for a tour? Well, you shouldn’t be minding about the admission prices in the first place because Goldwell Open Air Museum lets every visitor in for FREE! Come to think of that, you will be able to see the artistic works of prominent people without even splurging a dime off your pocket. Even better, you can attend some of the events being held here for additional entertainment. Visit this site more often to get chunky updates about Goldwell Open Air Museum.

Goldwell Open Air Museum Coupons
Goldwell Open Air Museum Coupons
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