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Korean American Museum 3727 West Sixth Street, Suite 400 Los Angeles, CA 90020

Phone Number: 213-388-4229

Korea is one of the countries in Asia that you can clearly say, a place where culture and history is well-preserved. Are you an American who’s so fond of this country that you want to know more about how American culture blends well with this eastern culture? Then why not go to Korean American Museum? Growing up in a western country shouldn’t be a hindrance if you have a passion for learning about the east. Visiting this tour spot is like seeing east and west meet. There will be no diversed culture when it comes to art. You will see a large collection of works of art, documents and other things that signify the Korean and American creativity. If you are planning to visit this museum, here are some of the exhibits that you might take interest of:

SNAPSHOT: A Portrait of Korean American Adoptees
STOREFRONT LIVE: Korean American Small Business
SPIRITUAL PRACTICES: Rituals, Icons & Faith
DREAMS & REALITY: Korean American Contemporary Art

The museum also aims to establish an archive that would showcase any object that portrays a significant role in Korean-American history. Here are some of the archives being collected:

Oral Histories
Kas in Arts
Research Papers on Kas
KA Genealogy

If you want to gather more information about Korean American Museum, you may visit their website. You can also get updates about KAM in the near future by visiting this website every now and then.

Korean American Museum Coupons
Korean American Museum Coupons
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