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Milton House Museum 18 South Janesville St. Milton, Wisconsin 53563

Phone Number: 608-868-7772

Don’t miss out on visiting a historical site when you are in the Milton area. Check out the Milton House Museum which is considered as the first grout building in the United States. The place was also a traveler’s inn during the late 1840s and a unique underground tunnel that used to hide slaves. The place has become a symbol of the westward spread of abolition transformation during that era that the evenly pronounced the “free soil” doctrine in becoming a key tenet of the Republican Party in 1854. It was Joseph and his activities in the Milton House that sheltered fugitives in what was just a humble log cabin at first. There are significant artifacts and manuscripts that you can find inside the museum, these are memorabilia of times past that can still be seen today.

Museum Hours:
10:00am-4:00pm Daily
Winter Hours:
1:00pm-4:00pm Tuesdays to Fridays

Admission Rates:
Adults (13+) – $6.00
Seniors (62+) – $5.00
Children (5-12) – $3.00
Under 5 – FREE

If you want to take a guided tour inside the Milton House Museum, don’t forget to check out the best schedule in the main website. You will also be able to find important landmarks in the area to better point you to the right direction before going there.

Milton House Museum Coupons
Milton House Museum Coupons
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