Minatur Wunderland Coupons

In Hamburg, Germany, an amazing attraction called Miniatur Wunderland is gaining popularity with its minute detail and the technology behind it. This amazing model railway attraction is considered the largest of its kind all over the world.

Developed by brothers Gerrit and Frederick Braun in December 2000, this large-scale model now spans 12,000 meters railway tracks in HO Scale. Miniatur Wunderland is divided into seven segments: Alps, Austria, America, Hamburg, Harz, Scandinavia and Switzerland. Plus, it also includes Knuffingen City- a fictitious city designed by the developers.

One of the oldest landscapes in the model is the Harz which serves as the cornerstone in the later development of the plan. It boasts of intricate details including lighted carnival and a depiction of Romeo and Juliet. Aside from that, it houses over 130 trains and the ICE high-speed route. Other landscapes of the model features minute details from different weather conditions, notable places of interests like Yosemite Park as well as different lifestyles of its inhabitants.

Aside from the model railway’s intricate design and detailed representation of its villages, it also boasts of highly-efficient and innovative technology designed to provide any onlooker a sight to behold. Miniatur Wunderland’s technology enables the developers to create an intricate system of cars, airport, ship, trains and other transportations. This technology also enables them to create realistic interaction between the inhabitants and its surrounding complete with sound effects and lights.

Currently, this large-scale model railway has 8,850 cars, 228,000 trees, 3,660 bridges and buildings, 930 trains and continuously growing. Miniatur Wunderland is open 7 days a week and offers Behind the Scenes Tours to those interested to see how the creation of the model railway as explained by a tour guide. It also offers hotel and travel deals in cooperation with Hamburg Tourismus designed to suit one’s needs and preferences.

Overall, Miniatur Wunderland, or Miniature Wonderland, is an educational and certainly a fun-filled adventure designed for kids and adults alike.

Minatur Wunderland Coupons
Minatur Wunderland Coupons
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