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Modern Art Museum of Forth Worth 3200 Darnell Street Forth worth TX, 7610

Phone: 817-738-9215

Do you love art? Are you keen in World War 2 art either for your studies or for your passion in in this scope of interest? If you’re looking for notable works from known artists like Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Adres Serrano, and even Anselm Keifer, then you should visit the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. There are plenty of World War 2 memorabilia in the collections of this museum. Works range from all forms of media. Take a look at paintings that have brass knuckles, guns, and knives thrown into the mix, its really surreal and hyper realistic. There’s also sculptures like the works of Teresita Fernandez that completely blends elements-like graphite and steel for a more lingering and ephemeral visual wonder.

If you want to know more about the upcoming exhibits and collections, then you can visit their main website as well. There are also educational talks and seminar for all those budding artists out there so better keep a lookout. Let the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth be your guide to the post World War 2 era of art.

Museum Schedule:
10:00am-5:00pm Tuesdays to Sundays
10:00am-8:00pm Fridays

Admission Prices:
Adults – $10.00
Seniors – $10.00
Youth/Students – $4.00
Children 12 below – FREE

Art is something that’s life-enriching when given the time to ponder on. One good thing to learn about art is to visit a the museum featured here. For more information about the Modern Art Museum of Forth Worth, just check out their website often.

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth Coupons
Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth Coupons
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