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An Island Dedicated to Museums

Do you see yourself as someone who can’t get enough of museum visits? Or do you think you’re someone who wishes that there’s this place wherein different museums are conveniently located right beside each other? Well, pack your bags and head over to Berlin.

To Museum Island, to be exact. Located just where the old city of Colln used to be, Museum Island is the nothern half of an island in the Spree River in the Mitte district of Berlin, Germany. Aptly named for the 5 internationally acclaimed museums that were opened in the area, Museum Island is truly a haven for art lovers and museum aficionados everywhere.

It was the year 1830 when the first museum on the island was constructed. Commissioned by then King Friedrich Wilhelm III, the Royal Museum was built to safe keep and allow exhibit viewing of royal work of arts to the German public. And in just over a decade later, to the delight and patronage of the public, Frederick William IV ordered the creation of an arts and culture complex.

It isn’t an understatement when a former German king ordered the construction and protection of a massive complex dedicated solely to arts and culture. The museums, even though battered (even some buildings, destroyed) by the toils of war, time and natural disasters, have been religiously reconstructed and reorganized.

The 5 major museums that make up Museum Island, in no particular order of quality or state, are as follows: The Altes Museum, originally the Royal Museum constructed in 1830, is known around the world for housing the Berlin State Museums’ antique collection. The Altes Museum is also commonly known for its distinct neoclassical architectural facade, designed by then equally renowned architect and city planner, Karl Friedrich Schinkel.

Next up the list is the Neues Museum. Constructed between the years 1843 and 1855, the Neues Museum was constructed based on the designs of Friedrich August Stuler. Sadly, the museum was heavily bombed during World War II, resulting to a major repair and restoration project. The rebuilding, though far from the original neoclassical facade of the museum, allowed the museum to reopen for public viewing in 2009. The Neues Museum is known for housing an Egyptian collection, particularly the bust of Nefertiti.

The Alte Nationalgalerie was first opened in 1876. Just like the Neues Museum, this particular building was heavily damaged by World War II attacks. After extensive repairs, the Alte Nationalgalerie was reopened last 2001. It is known for its extensive exhibits on 19th Century German Art, and of Classic and Romantic antiquities, such as of work by Adolph von Menzel.

The Bode Museum (original name, Kaiser-Friedrich-Museum) is known for its Byzantine and coin collection. Opened in the year 1904 and renamed after its first curator, Wilhelm von Bode, this particular museum has also suffered and withstood the situation of its neighboring buildings. The Bode Museum has recently opened its doors to the public last 2006.

The latest museum that was constructed on Museum Island is the Pergamon Museum. With construction lasting for over 2 decades, and finally completing in the year 1930, its main attraction is its collection and storage of large Turkish monuments. The large sets of art it displays caters to a large audience as well – the Pergamon Museum is the most visited museum in Germany, with almost a million visits each year.

The Museum Island is part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. Visit the complex to learn more on the different arts, and to experience a different museum/island tour.

Museum Island Museum Coupons
Museum Island Museum Coupons
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