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Museum of Death 6031 Hollywood Boulevard Hollywood, CA 9

Phone Number: (323) 466-8011

Death is one of the most taboo topics of all time, maybe for a reason that people don’t really like talking about death – or even the thought dying. Are you the kind who wants to know more about the art death in an educational way? Then you should not miss a chance of visiting the Museum of Death located at the Hollywood Boulevard. In this tour spot you will see various exhibits that has something to do with death like autopsies, serial killers and much more. Of course, you will be able to appreciate the exhibits because it’s still a house of art. If you are curious about the people behind the magnificent works of art, here are some of the artists featured:

Chad Michael Ward
Vanessa Zuloaga
Courney Riot
Michael Hussar
Eirik Aswang
Andy Yang
Jessica McCourt
Tim Kern
Hans Linde
Scott Holloway
Zoetica Ebb
Josh Cole
Zoe Williams
Raven Corvid Ebner
Cherry Vega
Sequoia Emmanuelle

Thinking about the money that you have to pay? For only $15.00, you can get inside this museum. The payment also comes with a FREE parking. Just have in mind that the museum is open on Sunday through Friday (11:00 AM – 8:00 PM) and Saturday (11:00 AM – 10:00PM).
You can visit this website as often as you like to get future updates about Museum of Death.

Museum of Death Coupons
Museum of Death Coupons
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