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Pikes Peak Historical Society Museum P.O. Box 823 Florissant, CO 80816

Phone Number: (719) 748-8259

The Pikes Peak region is one of the places in Colorado that is rich in history. If you are interested in learning more about the early adventurers of this region, the Ute Indians that once lived here, the Mountain Men, the development of railroads and gold rush, then you must visit Pikes Peak Historical Society Museum! You will not only get useful details and historical facts, but you will also see some objects, relics and artifacts that serve as traces of the past. Here are some of the useful details about the museum that you should know:

Schoolhouse Museum – This building was donated by the Rampart Range School District. It was built in the year 1907 and the building was used as a residence for mentors and teachers. It was then moved to the Woodland Park after the school closed. It’s amazing how this building stays strong despite time and frequent relocations that it went through.

Railroads – Do you love trains and railroads? Then these exhibits will surely perk you up especially if you are conducting a complex research about railroads in Florissant hundreds of years ago.

Mountain Men – Seeing a man dressed like he came from the past is an unusual event. Do you want to know how trappers, traders and people of the past dress up? This exhibit will surely make you learn a lot about region’s style of living.

For unanswered questions, you can always call the museum’s main office by dialing the contact number provided by this page. Just make sure that you check out this website often to get more updates about Pikes Peak Historical Society Museum.

Pikes Peak Museum Coupons
Pikes Peak Museum Coupons
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