The Gemaldegalerie Museum Coupons

People who want to tour Berlin, Germany are encouraged to visit the Gemaldegalerie (it means “Old Master Paintings”) because it safely and securely contains a lot of historical artifacts that make up the nation’s culture, and is one of the best museums for viewing various forms of art.

A number of chambers in the Gemaldegalerie are dedicated to ancient German masterpieces that include altarpiece panels that existed as early as the 13th and 15th centuries. One of the most valuable panels is The Virgin Enthroned with Child which was created during the year 1350. This work of art was inspired by Hieronymus Bosch and it is engulfed by angels who represented the demons in his masterpiece. This is put together with the Durer masterpieces which are made up of a number of portraits and a total of 8 paintings.

Many of the best masters from Europe are recognized in this collection. The Gemaldegalerie keeps Italian works of art, such as the 5 Madonnas sculpted by Raphael, “Leda with the Swan” from Correggio, Botticelli, and Fra Filippo Lippi, and “The Girl with a Bowl of Fruit” from Titian.

Visitors and art lovers will also discover 15th and 16th century paintings that are from Netherlandish artists like Bruegel, Bosch, van der Weyden, and van Eyck. Some of these galleries are dedicated to 17th century Dutch and Flemish masterpieces with a minimum of 15 items from Rembrandt, such as the well-known “Head of Christ”. Another valuable Rembrandt known as “The Man with the Golden Helmet” was actually created by someone else (this was found out and proven during the year 1986), but has been allowed to join the rest of the collection because of its importance and originality.

The Gemaldegalerie is a unique museum because it not only displays great works of art, it also combines daylight illumination with classical interior design to create an art viewing experience unlike any other.

The Gemaldegalerie Museum Coupons
The Gemaldegalerie Museum Coupons
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