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Virginia Holocaust Museum 2000 East Cary Street Richmond VA, 23223

Phone Number: 804-257-5400

The Holocaust during the World War 2 era was one of the darkest times for the Jewish people. They were persecuted relentlessly by the Third Reich during the rise of Nazism and millions of them perished during the “Final Solution”. There are a lot of memorial establishments that aim to let the world know about the harrowing experiences and struggles of individuals and their families during the Holocaust. To let future generations know how prejudice and intolerance can lead to one of the worst war crimes the world has ever known, the Virginia Holocaust Museum was established. This is one of the places that not only stands as a memorial but also a educational facility and exhibit that shows those events and how those who have survived provide more awareness. This is spearheaded by holocaust survivors Jay Ipson, Al Rosenbaum and Mark Fetter. The exhibit recreates the atmosphere of the Dachau concentration camp and museum freight car, a shower/gas chamber, crematory, and exhibition of the ship Exodus 1947.

Museum Hours:
9:00am-5:00pm Mondays to Fridays
Tours for individuals and groups:

The museum has free admission and is accommodating to walk-in visitors whether individual or by group. There are also self-guided tours which can be an audio tour or guidebook tour.
If you want to know more about the Virginia Holocaust Museum you can get online and take a look at their website. The museum also has membership and giving options if you wish to help out and contribute to the efforts of the museum.

Virginia Holocaust Museum Coupons
Virginia Holocaust Museum Coupons
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